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In October 2020 Liz was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis following a relapse in October 2019 that left her unable to walk or play guitar for some weeks. She appealed to the public via a GoFundMe page to help fund her first solo album and the results were explosive in generosity and kindness.


The following are the names of all the people who selflessly donated in order to make the album a reality...

Adam Smith
Alexander Glockner
Alyson Peacock
Amy Rawlinson
Antony Devlin
Barry Jones
Becky Corden
Birgit Kullamaa
Camilla Sky
Caroline England
Carrie Martin
Cate Eggy
Chelsea Bassnett
Chris Arscott
Chris Callander
Chris Dumigan
Chris Forster
Chris Higginson
Chris Oliver
Chris Wylie
Christopher Read
Claire Berry
Claire Thomason
Cristian Dragan
Dale Iddon
Daniel Bradley
Daniel Lowe
Dannie Gunn
Darrel Gough
Dave Pinchbeck
David Jaggs
David Nelson
David Reese
Dawn Kemp
Emma Mould
Fiona Imlach
Gary Mitchell
Hayley Mccarthy
Helen Jeffery
Ian Knight
Irvita Sharma
Jamie Brewster
Jamie Lindberg
Jason Minett
Jeff Glaister
Jim Kilcar
Jimmy Brewer
Joel Anthony
Jonathan Cahm
Jonathan Spencer
Kate O'Neill
Katie Ness
Katie Nicholas
Kay Towers
Kevin Mcginn
Kitty Staunton
Laura Harper
Layl Field
Lewis McWilliam
Liam Hamling
Lili Free
Linda Degenhardt
Lis Garrett
Liz Morris
Louis Ttofa-Roberts
Louise Jackson
Lucy Mayhew
Lydia Betley


Malcolm Fowler
Maresa Donagh
Margi Adams
Mark Haworth
Mark Whiteley
Martin Byrne
Martin Sheehan

Matthew Every
Melissa Samuel
Michael Maslanek Jr
Michelle Smith
Mike Howarth
Nathan Tierney
Niall Oakes
Owain and Jess
Owen Davies
Pamela Sweeting
Patrick McGuinness
Paul Cronshaw
Pete Benbow
Pete Cunliffe
Peter Bonner
Phil Beale
Phil Murray
Rachael Harris
Radar Roy
Raph Dunne
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Rebecca Oliver
Rhiannon Jones
Rob Gladding
Rob Lydiate
Rob Thomas
Robert Jacobs
Robert Langford
Ruby Saunders
Ryan & Lou King
Sandra Hadwin
Sarah O'Donnell
Sarah Shepherd
Scarlet Taylor
Sean Galloway
Sean O’Hagan
Shannen Bamford
Sharon Brennan
Simon Maddison
Simon Mckelvie
Sofija Žuravska
Ste Fleming
Ste Neildsy
Stephanie Moreland
Stephen Nelson
Stephi LaReine
Steven Reid
Tamsin Rogers
Thom Morecroft
Tim Keenan
Tim Kelly
Tim Kelly's Mum
Turo "Charger" Taimen
Vanessa Murray
Wendy Murray
Wilfried Haag
Will Barnes
William Mctaggat
William Milne
Zoë Bestel

Also a special thank you to those who donated anonymously 

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